Mobile POS


Mobile Point Of Sale


Prello mobile point of sale (mPOS) application is easy to install and use! Just install it on a smartphone or tablet and you are up and running.  


Prello mPOS solution is very flexible, like childrens Lego. You decide what different payments options you would like to be able to offer to your customers, like mobile payments, usage of wearables like Apple Watch, Credit- and Debitcards, cash etc. You will also be able to choose at checkout to send the reciept electronically to the customer if they want that. We will continiously listen to our customers and make our product better and better.


Prello mPOS application is installed on a smartphone or tablet and will therefor work fine via the mobile net or WiFi. So no longer need of cables from the sockets and you will be able to use the application wereever you are selling your products. With Prello mPOS there is no need for your own control unit (Swedish regulations) certified by the Swedish Tax Agency. We have that secured installed at our servers.


We are working hard to get Prello mPOS app ready for you! Our plan is to release it during 2016. Please sign up for our newsletter and you won´t miss our launch! There might be a pre-release to some of you that signed up as well…